Morality and Behavior

Decision Making Systems

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Brilliant economist Daniel Kahneman, in one of my favorite books, Thinking, Fast And Slow, states his foundation for thinking using two systems:



We all utilize two systems when we strive to make a decision.

AUTOMATIC SYSTEM ONE                                  REFLECTIVE SYSTEM TWO

Uncontrolled                                                           Controlled

Effortless                                                                  Requires effort

Associative                                                               Deductive

Fast                                                                           Slow

Unconscious                                                            Self-aware

Skilled                                                                      Rule-following



A different author compares High Conflict Personalities and functions of the Courts


H-C PERSONALITY                                                          COURTS

Lifetime preoccupation blaming others                        Decide blame/guilt

Avoids taking responsibility                                            Court holds someone responsible

All-or-nothing thinking                                                    Guilty or Not Guilty (usually)

Seeks attention and sympathy                                        Maybe attention or sympathy

Aggressively seeks allies                                                   Advocates for all parties

Speaks with drama and emotion                                    Argument may be dramatic

Focus on others’ pasts                                                       Testimony is always about past

Punishes those who hurt him                                          Imposes punishment

Gets others to solve his problems                                   Court solves in favor of one side

Lying OK                                                                              Lying punished




“It has been said that man is

a rational animal. All my life I

have been searching for

evidence which could support


— Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)