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Tax Liens and Financial Law Services

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Rudis Law and its affiliates have worked since 1986 to

  • Eliminate or reduce IRS tax liens,
  • Stop IRS tax levies,
  • Stop seizures by state and local taxing authorities,
  • Stop creditor judgments and sheriff seizures, and to
  • Halt claims which threaten the immediate operations and survivability of your entity.

We can begin our services immediately and we stay with your company or entity until it has turned around – depending on the difficulty of circumstances, we may stay with you only several months or up to a couple of years.

Municipalities and Special Districts are suffering in dire financial straits. We provide bondholder strategies, audit services, litigation, and global workouts.

Our proprietary methods reorganize business, municipalities and special districts.

We execute unusual procedures not generally familiar to lawyers. Our amalgamated law, tax and accounting professionals bring rigorous application of laws and procedures, including private sales, bondholder workouts, assignments for the benefit of creditors and other dispositions per the Uniform Commercial Code that generally are not combined due to conflicts of laws.

We preserve your privacy and protect trade secrets with methods unlike the US Bankruptcy Code.

Tax Audits in all categories are increasing – federal and state income and withholding, public and private debt, state sales and use, local employment security, and others. Your company or municipality/special district may have to be defensive before and during the audit. Reach to us for help.

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February 13, 2017

How To Build An Autocracy

The Atlantic Magazine published an extraordinary essay on subtle and unsubtle undoings of democracy. The checks and balances of the United States' three branches of government and the Constitution are metaphor, not mechanisms. We, the People, exercise the necessary mechanisms. We must be broadly educated on whom we elect to…
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Voluntary Surveillance In The Home
January 5, 2017

The Willing Suspension of ….

    By Shelly Palmer The “willing suspension of disbelief” is the idea that we (the audience, readers, viewers, content consumers) are willing to suspend judgment about the implausibility of the narrative for the quality of our own enjoyment. We do it all the time. Two-dimensional video on our screens…
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Knee-jerk Reactionaries
December 30, 2016


  People are knee-jerk reactionary, not contemplative. TV especially promotes this cultural behavior. Most conversations anymore, at home, on the street, at school or work, are a series of comebacks, quips, repartee, each statement as conclusion, one-up, a straight line or the rejoinder. Few people have the intellectual patience to…
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